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Access Credit Card Fraud Anomalies

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Health Insurance - Fraud Detection

Health Insurance - Risk Assessment

Long Term Care & Nursing Home - Member Anomaly Detection

Opioid addiction treatment - Predictive Insights


Restuarant Sales Analytics

Restuarant Analytics with Account Management

Restuarant Service Anomaly Detection

Restuarant Service Predictive Insights

Human Behavior

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Driver Behavior Analytics for Fleet Management

Driver Behavior Anomaly Detection

Driver Behavior Predictive Insights

Our Products

Industry Solutions

AI As A Service

Our proprietary AIaaS uses real-time live-streaming of data and events from multiple channels - video, images, text, user input and IOT.

Our Technology

Alexis is an AI As A Service Platform.

Alexis Networks AI&BI Architecture

Built-in Data Processing, Anomaly Detection, and AI Visualization Platform

Using our Single Stack solution eliminates the need to use additional tools, saving companies the need to invest in machine learning, data warehouses, visualization tools or professional services. With no engineers required to manage the platform, no manual mash-ups or python scripts to maintain, and no special ML scripts to learn, Alexis Networks' Single Stack can provide a complete artificial intelligence platform at unmatched TCO.

Leadership Team



Founder and CEO

22+ years of expertise in Enterprise Architecture, Security Architecture, Analytics & Data Engineering, Data Science (AI + ML) programs for Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing and Insurance clients in North America, EMEA, APAC. Recognized Leader in Data Security and Data Privacy (for Big Data systems and Blockchain) offering consulting services and educational programs at twenty universities across US since 2017.

Enabled Digital Transformation of Product Development and put a company on track to do $250 million revenue by 2020. Applied "Big Data and Machine Learning strategies" and turned around products and data systems, which had an immediate impact on bottom line and nearly doubled sales from $125 million to $200 million (years ahead of the forecast).

Author of seven (7) software patents

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SVP, Technology

Raj is an alumni of IIT Kharagpur and is deeply passionate about all things technology. Raj is also Co-Founder at IceDome, which is a seed investor at Alexis Networks.

At Alexis Networks, Raj is leading the technical charge by leading product development to continuously improve the Alexis AIaaS Platform. Raj is responsible for running technology architecture workshops, leading technical staff members, and incorporating customer feedback into imrpving Alexis UX.

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Partner, Chair - Venture Cap and Emerging Growth Companies Practice at McCarter & English, LLP

David Sorin assists addressing the needs of investors, directors, and officers to help achieve the goals.

David is also assisting with corporate financing, mergers and acquisitions, partnering, and corporate governance.

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